What is G77.it?

It's an URL Shortener

It's a free service, provided by grazia.pro for shorten web addresses and other URLs like "mailto:"

The URL Shortener is useful in many circumstances, for example when sending an address to a mobile phone via SMS or sending Twits where the number of characters you can send is limited.

Anyway, for example, it's possible to transform the url of the research carried out on Google like:
Into something much shorter like:

How to use G77.it?
It's very simple, just paste the URL you want to shorten in the form and press "Shorten".

Suggested uses of G77.it

  • Reduce the character count when sending a Web address to a mobile phone via text message.
  • Lower the character count for instant messaging services or social networking sites like Twitter, where the number of characters is limited.
  • Solve problems with some forum or blog's and some e-mail clients that can't handle very long links or links that contain not allowed characters.
  • Make URLs easier to read.
  • Make URLs more concise to reproduce in print or video by using our custom shortened URL structure. Use for example our link in email simplifying commercial understanding.